Freedom from Worldly Desires – 7 (Vairaagya) *Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

18th June 2010, Friday, Jyeshth Shukla Saptami, Shukravar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Freedom from Worldly Desires – 7 (Vairaagya)
(continued from previous day)

Many times have we seen things, many times have we enjoyed sense pleasures and seen for our selves, then too we are after them. The moths and other animals die only once due to association with sense objects, but we enjoy the sense pleasures and continue to die over and over again. But then too we do not become alert. Time and again we are tripping over a rock, yet we do not even remotely think about becoming careful. After all, when will we come to our senses? This body has become old, and the prime years of this life have gone away; then too you are looking at sense objects with keen desire and longing! You desire to see your grand kids and great grand kid’s faces. If you see the possibility of gaining happiness from wealth, then ask a rich person. If there is notion of there being pleasure in women then ask those that have 2-3 women; if there appears to be happiness in things, then meet those who have many possessions and ask them. If there appears to be happiness in Kingdom, high powerful positions and in officials, then meet such persons and talk to them. Happiness is no where to be found; because happiness is only on giving up wants. It is on becoming free of worldly desires. It is said –

“Chaah choohti Raamdas sab neecho mein neech |
Tu to kewal Brahma thaa, chaah ne hoti beech ||

But those with passion filled eyes do not see anyone that is dispassionate. Wherever they see, they see only attraction and attraction only! Their point is also correct. Truly those that are free from worldly desires (dispassionate people) are very few, because –

Aadi vidhya atapati ghat ghat beet adi |
Kaho kaise samjhaayiye kuan bhang padi ||

The talks are big, such as being free from all worldly desires, but on seeing objects, seeing sense enjoyments, the tongue begins to flicker back and forth. The eagle flies very high, but when its sight is on the rotting meat down below, it is nothing but attraction!

He who is a genuinely free from worldly desires (truly dispassionate) his sight becomes totally different. Great joy flows wherever a dispassionate person goes. Elaborating on the joyful state of a dispassionate person, Bharthariji says –

Why would a man that is free of worldly desires, roam the dirty streets of the cities, like a creepy crawling creature that moves around in excrements. An ascetic used to say that “I make my mind understand to not have any desire for food-clothes, or else you will have to smell the dirty streets and time and again take birth and death.” Shri Shankracharyaji said –

“Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam
Punarapi jananijathare shayanam ||

If man thinks about the filth of the senses objects even for a single moment, then he will feel like vomiting.

Those beings that are intensely longing for sense pleasures and remain engrossed in them, consider themselves to be happy. What is the difference between such persons and crawling creatures.

A mountain and a prostitute only look beautiful from a distance. Also from a distance the description of a desert appears charming, but on reaching there, even the best, bravest, strongest people are over-powered and feel helpless. The bliss of a man that is freed from worldly passions can only be experienced by he who is unattached and dispassionate (virakta). God has called this world an abode of sorrow (dukhaalay) and perishable. In that which even our father and grand-father did not get any happiness, in that how can we gain happiness?

Rajjabiji was going to get married. On the way he went to meet his Guru who said to him –

Rajjabi you did an astonishing thing by tying a peacock to your head, you had come on earth for singing the glories, worship and remembrance of God, but ended up in permanent hell.

Rajjabi said – “Rajjabi will be truly astonoshing when the world will go with him!”

Rajjabi was such that he –
He received his Satguru from Dadu, and by a single word he immediately recognized, he understood and became disentangled once and for all and there remained no more of the tug-of-war.

Only one word did the work! On seeing a man that is freed from worldly pleasures, one becomes dispassionate. Dattatreya did not say a single word to the prostitute, simply by seeing him, the woman became dispassionate. This is because the expressions / composure of a man who is freed from worldly desires are such.

There is such joy in talks about dispassion (freedom form worldly desires), then if one truly becomes dispassionate from the heart, then what to speak of that joy? Wearing the best of clothes, applying sweet fragrance and adorning ones self, if one sits in front of a truly detached person, than there will be a feeling of discomfort. A proper form of dispassion is one which takes place through thoughts, reflection and discrimination (vivek).
(to be continued)

From book “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 497 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

The same message is available in HINDI titled “Vairaagya – 7” at:


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