The Importance of Serving – 1 * Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

22nd June 2010, Tuesday, Jyeshth Shukla NIRJALA Ekadashi, Mangalvar

Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

The Importance of Serving – 1

Only that one divinity is such that whoever wants it, that one can get it. It is not a rule that those who desire wealth, possession, grandeur, fame, respect, good health (being free of disease) etc. will get these with certainty. Not everyone can get these things. Even if they get it they will get a portion, not all will get them. But all can equally get the Essential, the Divinity, and whoever wants it can get it, as it has an intimate relationship with all. The embodied soul is an obvious element (component) of God. – “Mamaivaansho jeev loke” (Gita 15/7), therefore it has full rights over God. Just like all children have full rights over their mother and all children can climb into the mother’s lap. Similarly God is mother and father of all beings – “Tvameva Maata cha Pita Tvameva” He is mother and father of everyone from time immemorial and will always remain so, therefore no man is incapable in His attainment, no man is unworthy of His attainment, no man is weak in His attainment. Therefore no one should ever leave even the slightest room for hopelessness. What an extraordinary point this is?

I have read in books, I have heard and have also thought about it, with that the following have been firmly fixed in my mind that no thing, no state, no situation, no incident, no action, etc is great, rather it is proper utilization of that thing, state, situation etc., which is the greatness. However may be our intellect, however is our situation, however is our state, however is our chance, if it is properly utilized then God realization will take place, as human birth has been attained for this purpose only.

Kabahunk kari karunaa nar dehi; dait is binu hetu sanehi || (Manas 7/44/3)

Without any reason the Lord that showers His grace gives this human body, than do you think His grace will be unfruitful? God’s grace can never be of no avail. Yes! There is one point and that is that God has given man the independence. He can use this independence in whatever way he likes. He can utilize this independence properly and realize God, he can attain salvation, or he can mis-utilize it and go into 8.4 million different forms of wombs or go to hell. In reality this freedom has been given to man to attain salvation.

Hence what should man do? If within him there is that intentness that how can I realize that essence of Paramatma (God)? It has come in Ramayana –

“Ek baani karunaa nidhaan ki.
So priya jaake gati ne aan ki.” (Maanas, Aranya. 10:4)

He banks on only one characteristic of the All-merciful Bhagwaan;
Bhagwaan holds the devotee dear who depends exclusively on Him.

Therefore Lord said to Arjuna after listening to the entire Gita – “Maamekam Sharanam vraj” (Gita 18/66). If you cannot do anything else, then simply take refuge in Me. “Maamekum” means that it is not that there are 5-7 Gods and out of them take refuge in one, rather it means – exclusive refuge in only God.

Arjuna said that I cannot decide on my Dharma (Duty) – “Dharmasammoodhachetaah (Gita 2/7), Then Lord says – that you do not have to make a decision on your duty. You leave the dependency of all dharmas (righteousness) and simply come under my shelter – “Sarvadharmaaparityajya maamekum sharanam vraj” (Gita 18/66). That is “O’ Lord! I am Yours and You are mine.” In this world not a single thing, not a single being is mine, and I am no one elses – in this manner take refuge in the Lord.

Here one point has to be understood that the people in this world (mother, father, wife, son etc.) are desiring something that is fair from you and you are able to fulfill it, if so, then fulfill those wishes i.e. serve them. Have a relation with the world only to serve . Not for taking anything from the world. Because not a single thing in this world is stable and yu are stable. In other words, not a single thing in this world is going to stay with you. Therefore all those that are so called your relatives or family members, whether their relationship is through this body, or through this country or any other form of relation, simply serve them. Because the things that you have they are theirs, they have a right on it. Give their rights back to them. If you desire to take from them, then you will be indebted to them.

On being indebted, one cannot attain liberation. However, on serving them, you will be benefited. Therefore relationship with others must be only for the purpose of serving them. If you have a relationship with the intent of only serving, then all will be happy. Family members are unhappy when we desire to take something from them. If we do not hold any rights over them and only serve them, then none will be unhappy. Therefore a wonderful art of living in this world is only that (to serve) and to attain liberation also is the same method (to serve). There are ladoos (Indian sweets) in both hands, “duhoon haath mood modak more” in other words, the world will also be pleased and God will also be happy, whether you will attain salvation!

Your aim must be only one – to realize God, then simply take refuge in the Lord. And leave the dependency of the world. According to your strength and abilities, serve the world. By serving the world will be pleased and by surrendering to the Lord, God will be happy, and we will naturally, automatically attain salvation. For one’s salvation, no new work needs to be done. Such a simple and straightforward point this is.

By desiring to take from the world, man develops a relationship with the world and by desiring to give, the relationship is severed – this is an extraordinary point. By desiring to take, the adjoined relationship is binding, and by establishing a relationship with desire to give, the relationship will lead to liberation. Therefore those on the service committee they arrange to provide for all and to serve all in functions and events. If someone falls sick, they take them to camp for his treatments, if they die then they complete the last rites, but no one cries. Where the relationship is only one of serving, there is no crying there. Wherever the parties are connected only with the hope of taking something or the other, there only there is crying. The desire to take is the association with the “gunas” (attributes), which leads to birth and death cycle.

Kaaranam gunasangosya saddhyonijanmasu (Gita 13/21)

It is contact with these gunas that is responsible for the birth of this soul in good and evil wombs. (to be continued)

From book “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi 181 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

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