Salvation by Giving Up Resolves (Definite Intent, Will) – 3 * Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

29th June 2010, Tuesday, Aashadha Krishna Tritiya, Mangalvar

Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Salvation by Giving Up Resolves (Definite Intent, Will) – 3

Just like a child says something and you do it, then you have graced him by listening to him. Similarly, saints and great souls out of their grace listen to us. They say such things that are not harmful and where there is nothing detrimental. They do not have any definite intents of their own. Therefore we must do things according to others wishes and not hold on to our will. What obstacles are we facing in doing this? We are independent in this, even though it appears as if we are dependent. “Sarvaathaanvipareethaansch buddhih saa paarth taamasi” (Gita 18/33). When our resolves are fulfilled then there is a certain kind of joy that we get. That happiness is binding. In that happiness, man becomes dependent. In that which he gets happiness, he becomes a slave of that. If he gets happiness from money then he becomes a slave of money. If he gets happiness from family, then he becomes a slave of the family. If he gets happiness from a servant, then he is a slave of the servant. If he gets happiness from a disciple, then he becomes a slave of the disciple. You must have heard this saying “garaj gadhe ko baap kare” If you have a need, then the donkey will have to become a father.

What is having a need, a desire mean? Need is when , what we say must be accepted, whatever we wish must happen. If man gives up having a need, then he can become the crown jewel! He can become divine just like God! God fulfills every ones wishes, what is anyone going to fulfill God’s wants? He has no wants at all. We all can be in that extra-ordinary state. We only need to give up our intentions, our resolves. By not giving up our intentions, our resolves will not be fulfilled. Those intentions that get fulfilled, will be fulfilled in spite of renouncing them. Things will take place according to that which is ordained by God. “Ram keenh chaahin soyi hoyi . Karai anyathaa as nahin koyi.” (Manas 1/128/1)

That wealth which will come to us, will surely come; that fame which is likely to come, will surely come. Those things that will come will surely come. What is going to come to us, how will someone else get it? – “Yadsmadeeyam na hi tatpareshaam” “Chintaa deen dayaal ko, mo man sada anand.” Then why should we become a slave to it? Why must we worry? Let God worry – Whether he worries or does not worry, it is up to Him, may we remain ever blissful. It is only due to holding on to our intentions that we become happy and sad. If we do not hold on to our intentions then why would we become happy and sad? We want to fulfill God’s command which is our duty.

Questioner – What is the easiest way that we can be freed of our definite intentions, resolves?

Swamiji – An easy means to be freed of our intentions is to leave the insistence that others must listen to me. Let there be only one aim – “Let me attain salvation.” Just as man who is intensely engaged in earning money, will be willing to bare however much you insult him, criticize him, cause him grief. The inspectors come and they give all kinds of problems, and he releases himself from these problems by parting with a little money.

This all is greed of money. Similarly if there is greed for salvation, then this point will be easy. When there is greed for ones salvation, then wherever there is no benefit in spiritual matters, there the person will not be able to last. He will not remain in those associations, discourses and spiritual matters, where there is no gains. He will not be able to read those books where there is no spiritual benefit. He will not be able to associate with those individuals, where there is no spiritual gain.

From book “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi 695 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

The same message is available in HINDI titled “Sankalp Tyaag se Kalyan – 3” at:



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