God Realization is Not through Actions – 2 * Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

8th July 2010, Thursday, Aashadha Krishna Ekadashi, Guruvaar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

God Realization is Not through Actions – 2

Now pay attention to this special point. We worship God. We practice of constant remembrance and loud chanting. We study the sacred books such as the Ramayana, the Bhagavatam and listen to discourse by saints, but deep within we have the feeling that we can’t attain Him right now. We feel that we will attain Him sometime in the future. We feel we have not purified our inner senses yet. We feel we do not have the qualifications to attain Him. It is due to these sentiments that we cannot attain him now, as we feel we shall attain Him sometime in the future. This assumption is a great obstacle to God Realization. The aspirants think that they are moving towards God but actually they are making an effort to go away from God, because they think that they can’t attain Him now. They will attain Him when their inner senses will be purified and they become capable and deserving. This assumption is a great obstacle to God Realization. I am not able and deserving, this statement may be true. But is God so weak that He can’t be attained by a person who is not able and deserving? If it is so, it is useless to call and accept Him as being benevolent. God has declared Himself in the Gita as the unattached friend of all created beings (Gita 5/29).

Suhrdeyam sarvabhootaanaam jyaatvaa maam shaantimrchatti ||

Therefore is God not the unattached friend even of the vilest? Certainly He is! Is God not my friend, whether I possess virtues or vices? If He is partial, can He be called God? A mother is ignorant and has partiality for her son but she also pays special attention to the son who is unworthy. Therefore, how can it be that God, the mother of Mothers is not benevolent to you? It is impossible for Him not to be benevolent.

Aatmaraamaascha manuyo nigrathaa apyurukrame

Kurvarnyahaitukin bhaktimithyambhootguno harih || (Srimadbhagvat 1/7/10)

He who has been released from bondage through knowledge, such an contemplative “aatmaraam” one who is rejoicing in His Self is also engaged in God’s selfless devotion, because God’s qualities are such that he attracts all beings towards himself.

God is such that without His worship and devotion an aspirant cannot live. Such relish, such joy, one cannot get anywhere else. Therefore we are engaged in his remembrance. Do not keep the sentiments that through worship and remembrance, I will acquire God. God arrives only out of His grace. We must have exclusive love of worship, meditation, name-recitation, chanting the Lord’s name etc. We have made a grave mistake by becoming attached and developing fondness for this world. Now for correcting this mistake we have to do worship and remembrance, meditation, name-recitation etc. It is not that God is subordinate to worship-meditation etc.

In other words, I cannot be attained through reading the Vedas, meditating, practicing austerities, doing sacrifices etc.

Upanishads have declared that God is not attained through extensive study and scholarliness. By listening to lot of discourses, you may get knowledge, or have association of holy people. But by this, you cannot attain God. In the world we can acquire things by paying a price for them, but this is not application in attaining God. God cannot be realized through actions, but He can only be realized by His grace.
From book “Benedictory Discourses” in Hindi pg 45 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

The same message is available in HINDI titled “Bhagwat Praapti Kriya Saadhya Nahin Hai-2” at:



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