Ease of God Realization – 2 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

11th July 2010, Sunday, Aashadha Krishna Chatudashi, Ravivaar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Ease of God Realization – 2

Have mercy on me and do not think that, “IS-ness” (existence) is very far away. Do not think that it will come sometime in the future and at that time I will go towards it, thereafter there will be union with divinity. If you think like this, then while doing “bhajan” (worship and devotion of God), you will think that we are going towards God, but as as a matter-of-fact we are distancing ourselves from God. You are further solidifying your lack of relationship with God, by thinking that you will meet God at a later time. Brothers, have mercy on me and do divine name recitation while leaving the notion that I will certainly not meet God today, rather I will meet Him sometime in the future. Having the notion, that I simply do not have any experiential knowledge “anubhav” of this. If you believe so then no problem, but accept this point with a firm conviction that God is present everywhere at all times. “I am” – In this also there is God, in the mind also there is God, in the intellect also there is God, in the speech also there is God. Ram – Ram – Ram – in this voice also there is God. Whatever is seen, heard, understood by the mind, it is all only God. God says –

“Manasa vachasaa drshtayaa grhyuatyenrpindriyaih |
Ahameva na mattonyditi budhyadhvamanjasaa || (Srimad Bhagwat 11/13/24)

With the mind, speech, sight and various senses, whatever is absorbed, it is all only Me. There is nothing apart (separate) from Me – all of you understand this principle by inquiry into the truth.

Therefore “Bhagavan Is” – accept this, even if you do not have experience of this. Saints and great souls says, the Vedas – Puranas (ancient scriptures) say, many great knowledgeable people say that ” He IS” By accepting so, with intensity and deep longing chant Ram Ram. How to experience this? What should I do? How to do it? Who should I ask? Such intense Let there be such intense longing. Do not leave chanting of the Lord’s name. because besides God there is no other support in this world. Even on your death bed – recite Lord’s Name (Ram Naam); because besides God, there is no other support in this world. This body and this world are unreal. Therefore continue to recite “Ram’s” Lord’s name. In “Ra” in “Aa” in “Ma” on the tongue, in the mind, in thoughts, in the intellect, in the “I-ness” – in all places there is God completely. He who delights in all and who resides in all, that one’s name is “Ram”.

Reciting the name of “Ram” (God) is a very great thing and it is a very easy spiritual practice. Yesterday I had met a man who was paralyzed, and could do nothing else besides recite Ram’s name. Prior to this, I had met a brother in Calcutta, he too could speak nothing else. The name of “Ram” is such that it is capable of giving peace and joy everywhere, on earth and in heaven.

“Sumirat sulabh sukhad sab kaahu; lok laahu parlok nibaahu.” (Manas 1/20/1)

You believe in this point either out of faith or out of trust and confidence, whether you accept it out of tactics or out of experience (anubhava), whether you accept it through thinking and understanding that God is present everywhere; Wherever you are there is God. Your oneness is with God, not with the changing body. Even the scriptures say so with a piercing blow that Paramatma (God) is everywhere, in everyone, is everyone’s very own, and is everyone’s well-wisher. Accept this with a firm conviction. An aspirant makes a very grave mistake, by thinking that if and when he does “bhajan” worship and remembrance of God, thereafter God will be realized.

The hope and aspiration of this happening sometime in the future is itself the main obstacle. From the scriptures, from what the saints have said, or by anyone’s saying, simply accept that we have already blended and become one with God; only thing is that we are unable to see Him. Do not accept the non-existence of God in the present. We are unable to experience (anubhav) Him; then how to experience Him? For this, begin to recite the Divine Name of Lord Ram day and night. Then see the magic! How quickly you will have the experience of Ram.

“Jo jeev chaahe mukti ko, to sumireejai Ram;
Hariyaa gaile chaaltaan, jaise aavia gaam.

From “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 570 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

The same message is available in HINDI titled “Paramatma Praapti ki Sugamtaa -2″at:




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