Man’s Real Relationship – 1 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

13th July 2010, Tuesday, Aashadha Shukla Tritiya, Mangalvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Man’s Real Relationship – 1

Our relationship with the world does not remain forever – We all know about this truth (natural phenomena). However, our mistake is that we do not remain in this awareness at all times. If we remain constantly in this awareness, in other words, if we do not see our relationship with the world, then today, right now we will attain salvation! We cannot remain without severing the relationship with the world.

We can live without relationships in this world, but we simply cannot remain without separating from the world. Think very carefully on this point. We do not get as much happiness from having a relationship with those things, those individuals, those objects with which we have accepted our relationship, as we get from being apart (from separation) with them. Just like in deep sleep, we have no relationship with any individual or thing in the least bit. In our deep sleep we entirely forget all the people and things. The degree of joy derived from forgetting them that much joy is not attained in remembering them, in living with them. This is everyone’s experience. Now being attentive and understand this point well. It is our activity to sleep since birth. If you try to recollect then from childhood till today, we have been going to sleep regularly, in other words, we have been forgetting the world. We cannot live even 24 hours without sleeping. If we do not get sleep for several days, then man will become crazy. The extent of nourishment that one gets from sleep, that much nourishment he does not get from food, objects, and relationships with individuals. On having a relationship with things and individuals one gets tired. But with sleep, that tiredness is overcome and there is renewed strength, vitality and rejuvenated feeling in the body, senses, and inner faculties; whereas the freshness and vitality are destroyed relationship with objects and individuals.

In childhood the level to which toys were appealing, that much other things and people were not as appealing. The home did not appear as nice as playing outside. In youth the money began to have a greater appeal. Thereafter toys were not so appealing, but sleep was just as much pleasurable. When toys were enjoyable at that time sleep was also enjoyable, and one would get pleasure from sleep. As money began to appear sweet, the sleep still continued to remain enjoyable. However, the sleep that makes you forget even money, that sleep is even better than money. When one gets married, then the wife, son, family was very pleasurable, for which you were willing to spend even money. However, when one feels extremely sleepy then one leaves aside even his wife, children, family members and friends. But when he is extremely sleepy, he leaves all those attachments for which he is willing to lie, cheat, trick, be dishonest, steal, fraud etc. everything that has bound him, simply for a good night’s sleep.

When one becomes old, the attachment to family, grand-children increases; however when intense sleep takes over, then one leaves even these. If one becomes detached recluse, then one leaves even wealth, house, women, son, family, etc. and becomes an ascetic; he becomes a estranged recluse, but then too he sleeps. In sleep there is separation even from sense of being a “sadhu” (ascetic). In this way, in every situation sleep appears to be pleasing. One never has the sentiments that it would be good if I do not get sleep, rather if one gets sleep, it is a good thing. One prepares themselves fully for going to bed. They spread a nice bedding, they pick the best pillow, the best mattress, they turn on the fan or air-conditioner, creates an atmosphere where there are no loud noises around, he does all this for getting a good night’s sleep. When on gets sleep then various different types of sense enjoyments, pleasurable sights, entertainment, movies etc are no longer appealing. At that time one only says, I am sleepy, let me go to sleep. I now want to sleep.

From this it is proven that sleep is the most pleasurable, more than any object or individual. One is willing to give up anything for sleep. However when one develops relish and love for worship and devotion of God, then even sleep is no longer appealing. Saints have said – “this sleep has become an enemy”, in other words, it would be good if I did not go off to sleep. From this it is proof that one is willing to give up the most loving of all – sleep for the Beloved One, for the One Whom we have an innate relationship – Paramatma. Our relationship with the world is false. Out of mistake we believe it to be a solid relationship. Therefore we can live without union with the world, but we cannot live without separation from the world. We get pleasure from separation with the world – this is everyone’s experience.

From “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 571 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

The message is available in HINDI titled “Manushya ka Vaastavik Sambandh”


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