Honor Your Experience -1 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||

Ram Ram

19th July 2010, Monday, Aashadha Shukla Navami, Somvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Honor Your Experience -1

There is one really straight-forward and simple point and it is everyone’s experience. All you have to do is honor it; you have to give it importance. You have to consider it as valuable. Just as you have considered money, gold, silver, diamonds, and other jewels etc as valuable, similarly consider this point as valuable, give it significance, then at this very moment you will be benefited. Since you do not give it importance, it is for this reason that you are getting bound. There is no other reason. Money is with some people and not with others. Nobody is without it, however, this point is not being experienced by you because you do not give it importance –

Laali laali sab kahe, sab ke palle laal |
Gaanth khole dekhe nahin, taate phire kangaal ||

He is talking about opening up the knot. I am sharing only that which I have heard from saints and great souls, what I have read in books. It is the absolutely true.

You believe that “I am the same one”, that was in childhood, in other words, that the person that was there in childhood, I am that same one, and till death I will be that same one. According to the scriptures, saints and our culture you also believe that before this birth you were there, and after this birth, if you are born again, and then too you will be there. The childhood is not there right now and so has death not come so far; previous birth is also not there, and future births is also not there right now; however, “I am present right now.” The point is that I am ever present, whereas the body is constantly changing. Even though the body changes, but I do not change in the least bit. The body changes every moment. There is not a moment at which time it is not changing. However, the one residing in this body (the Self, swaroop), for infinite years and births does not change at all. Therefore do not blend the ever changing body and the ever unchanging Self, rather separate them both. That is all the work there is. When you blend the two and then see, then there is ignorance; and when you separate the two and see, then there is knowledge.

You know that the one that was there in childhood, that very same one I am today. In the language of the scriptures, this knowledge is called “pratyabhigyaa”. This knowledge is called “Tattvamasi” – “That (God, Paramatma) You are” is what it is called. The highest of all sayings is also this only, and the most ordinary of all experiences is also this only. You only have to stay firm on this, that the changing is not my true Self (Swaroop). The tendencies are changing, the states are changing, situations and circumstances are changing, but I not the changing. I am the one who is observing the changing. Only the Self that is unchanging, can only see the changing. Therefore I remain ever. My very Self (swaroop) never changes, and the body never remains the stable. I am the very same, but the body is not the same. Similarly, Paramatma (God, Supreme Consciousness), is the same, but the world is not the same. God that was present before the four yugs (the four age periods), the very same God is present right now. Infinite yugs will change, than too God will be the same. Therefore I and God are one and the body and this world are one.

“Chhiti jal paawak gagan sameera |
Panch rachit ati adham sareeraa || (Manas 4/11/2)

The mistake that we made was that we have considered the body as separate from the world – “that this I am and that I am not” and our self we have considered as separate from Paramatma (God) that I am here, and “who knows where God!” The body can never ever be separate from the world. Even Brahmaji does not have the power to separate the body from the world. The primary elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) that constitute this earth (world), that very same elements make up the body. The gross body has oneness with the gross world. The subtle body has oneness with the subtle world. But we (Self) have oneness with Paramatma (God). We are part and parcel of Paramatma – “Mamaivaansho jeevaloke jeeva bhoota sanaatanah (Gita 15/7). God and his ansh (part, portion) are not two. (to be continued)

From book in Hindi “Kalyaankaari pravachan” pg 45 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

The message is available in HINDI titled “Apne Anubhav Ka Aadar – 1” at: http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/



You may also view the pages from the book in Hindi at –



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