Honor Your Experience – 2 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||

Ram Ram

20th July 2010, Tuesday, Aashadha Shukla Dashami, Mangalvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Honor Your Experience – 2

In fact you are not one with the body. But you have accepted your identity with it. On the other hand you have identity with God, but you have accepted yourself as different from Him. It is only an error in assumption, nothing else. We have held on to incorrect assumptions. The body is changing, but you (self) does not change. We are one with the unchanging God, while the world and the body are one with the changing. This knowledge is self-evident in every man. This knowledge can never perish.

The duality (separation) between this world and God and the body and our Self, will never be wiped out. This remains eternally at all times. But man does not honor this point, they do not give it importance. We have held on to this notion “I am this body.” But so far no one has been able to hold on to that oneness with the body and they are unable to and they simple cannot. Therefore this body and this world are one, and I and God are one. On this subject – I and God are one, there are differences. Those who believe in dualism, they accept they belong to the same class, while believers of non-dualism, accept the Self to be one with Paramatma (God). However, on the topic of the body and I (Self) not being one, there is no disparity. Shri Sankaracharya, Shri Vishnucharya, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu etc., and as many great souls that were here, have described God and Self (Atma) by different names such as dualistic (dwaita), non-dualistic (advaita), pure non-dualistic (suddhadwaita), dualistic non-dualistic (dwaitadvait) and dualistic beyond thought (Achintyabheda) etc. However none have accepted a relationship of the body with the self. We are not one with the body and this world. On this subject there are no differences of opinion among the various learned ones, educaters and knowledgable persons.

On the subject that everyone is in unison, accept that point. We are not one with the body and the world. We are one with God (Paramatma) – this itself is knowledge. Grab hold of this knowledge with a firm conviction, what is the obstacle in that?

On considering your oneness with the body, you regard yourself to be happy when the body is experiencing pleasures. When the body is given honor, we consider it to be our honor. When the body is disrespected, we consider it to be our dishonor. When the body is condoned, we regard it as our disregard. In fact, even if someone grinds up the body, then too it will not damage us. One day surely this body will be burnt by the people, but not a single strand of hair will be curled. Not even the slightest portion of the form of the Self (Swaroop) will be burnt or destroyed. Therefore if the world disrespects us, dishonors us, criticizes us, gives suffering, cuts the body to pieces then what will happen? – “Yasminsthito na dukhen gurunaapi vichaalyate” (Gita 6/22). In other words, that man who is established in the form of God, he cannot be moved even by the worst of sorrows. It is a state of immense bliss. Yes, the body can suffer pain, he can lose consciousness, but he cannot experience unhappiness. Such joy one cannot get by worldly things. But you have disrespected the fact that I and the body are two and becoming one with the body, you have believed it’s pains to be your sorrow, and it’s pleasures to be your happiness. Now have mercy and kindly do not accept it. (to be continued)

From book in Hindi “Kalyaankaari pravachan” pg 45 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

The message is available in HINDI titled “Apne Anubhav Ka Aadar – 2” at: http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/

You may also view the pages from the book in Hindi at –



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