Honor Your Experience – 3 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||

Ram Ram

21st July 2010, Wednesday, Aashadha Shukla Ekadashi, Budhvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Honor Your Experience – 3

Question – The body is clearly seen, how do we not accept this?
Swamiji – If it is seen, then let it be seen, do not accept it. You see you face in the mirror, then do you accept that the face is in the mirror? You do not believe so! Are you able to grab hold of that face in the mirror? You cannot do so. Therefore that which is seen, do not accept it. I am this body – this is seeing like the face that is seen in the mirror, as such it is not the case. If you and the body were one, then the body would not be able to leave from you, and you will not be able to leave the body. However, on dying the body leaves and you leave the body.

You and the body are not one. Just like I am sitting in this house, then without me also this house will remain and without the house too, I can remain. Therefore I am not the house. We see the bodies of dead people, birds etc., that their bodies are lying here but the embodied soul within them has left. It is not that the two separated at that time. They were apart from the very beginning. It he soul (jeevatma) and the body were one, then along with the body the soul would also leave or it would remain here along with the body. However, neither does the body remain with the soul, nor does the soul remain with the body. That is, the body and the soul are two – there is no doubt about this. Two know these two as separate is true knowledge, which has been described by the Lord in the beginning of the Gita – (2/11-30).

At the starting of His discourse, the Lord said that the body and the indweller in the body are separate. The body is ever changing, however, the indweller is never changing, is never destroyed. On knowing so, one can never mourn; because that which will be perish will certainly perish. What is there to lament over?

Just as you consider yourself to be in the body, similarly that Supreme Consciousness element is present in the entire universe. In spite of being in the entire universe, That Supreme Consciousness has no relation at all with the world. Even if the entire universe becomes topsy-turvey, then too no harm will come to you. Similarly if the body goes haywire, then too there will be no harm to you. You will remain as-is . You have accepted an associating with the gunas (modes); you have accepted a relationship with the body, therefore there is birth and death – “kaaran gunasangosya sadsadyonijanmas” (Gita 13/21). On leaving association with the gunas (modes of nature) there is no birth and death. The birth and death is only assumed; therefore on not accepting it, that relationship is erased.

This is a straight-forward, true point, that you remain eternally and at all times, and the body even for a single moment does not remain steady, it is constantly changing. After listening to this point it appears pleasing, it appears true, then too do not think that this point does not remain.

This point can never go away. In infinite ages, this has been going on, then how will it go away now? Before your attention was not towards this point, now your attention is on it – that much has changed. This point had not gone away before, nor will it go away now. It will remain like this forever. Even if you do not have experience of this, then too it will remain like this. Just as you are seeing this pole over here; but when you go outside then this pole will no longer be visible. Does it mean that the pole does not exist? That which is true will remain true, it will remain as-is.

Questioner – Then what is the main obstacle that we are facing?
Swamiji – To seek happiness and pleasures from others – this itself is the main obstacle. Now begin to give happiness to others. These many days you have taken pleasure from others, now simply begin to give pleasure to others, that is all. You will be greatly benefited!

I should get money-wealth; I should get rest and relaxation; I should get happiness and pleasures; I should be honored; I should be respected etc., -these are all the main obstacles, and you will gain nothing whatsoever from it. Even if you get money-wealth, name-fame etc., then too it will not last and even if it lasts, then your body will not last. Besides pure fall, there will not be any gains even as little as a strand of hair. If you are not able to give up even something that results in a loss, then what will you give up?

The desire that you have to seek pleasures from the world, that is the main obstacle. Money, honor, enjoyment, land, property, etc., there are many sorts of desires, but in essence the main desire is that whatever is in my mind, that should happen; whatever I wish should be fulfilled. In place of this if the sentiments are that let it not be according to my mind, rather let it be what God wishes or what the world wishes then you will be immensely benefited, there is no doubt about this. When you wish that it happens according to God’s wishes, then it will be Bhakti yog. When you wish that all happens according to the wishes of the world, then it will be Karma yog. When you say that it is not my mind’s wishes, the mind is not mine, it is of Nature (Prakriti) – this will be Jnana yog.

Narayana! Narayana! Narayana!

From book in Hindi “Kalyaankaari pravachan” pg 45 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

The message is available in HINDI titled “Apne Anubhav Ka Aadar – 3” at: http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/

You may also view the pages from the book in Hindi at –



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