On Murti Puja (Idolatory) in the Gita – 3 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


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Ram Ram

24th July 2010, Saturday, Aashadha Shukla Chaturdashi, Shanivar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

On Murti Puja (Idolatory) in the Gita – 3

There was a sage who had a great appetite. One day he fell very sick. Someone advised him to frequently drink the cow’s milk, but to only drink that milk that remains after the calf has been fed. He followed the advice of first letting the calf be well-fed and thereafter extracting and drinking the remaining cow’s milk was quite filling. After a few days he recovered and became healthy. The act of justice has so much power that it can cure even sickness and satisfy the sage, then what to speak of an object that is offered with devotion to God !

Everyone must have realized the fact that when a person offers you food with love and affection, then that food has extra-ordinary flavor, it is delicious and that food helps in maintaining divine traits in you. Even animals are no exception. They too are influenced by the sentiments. When a cow dies leaving its calf behind, the calf is fed on milk of another cow. The calf remains alive with that milk, but he does not become well-nourished. The same calf if he had drank the mother’s milk, then the mother would lick his body with love, and feed him, by which even with a little bit of milk, the calf would have become well nourished and healthy. When even human beings and animals are affected by the sentiment of affection, then what to speak of God Who knows even the hearts, minds and sentiments of devotees? It was because of this devotion of Vidura’s wife that Lord Krishna ate the banana peel offered with great devotion. Again it was out of affection of the gopis (that Lord Krishna ate curd and butter by snatching it from their hands. The Lord says to Brahma –

“Naivedhyam purato nyastam chakshushaa grhyate mayaa |

Rasam cha daasjihvaayaamshraami kamalobhdava ||

“O lord of the Lotus! I accept and partake in the food preparations put before Me through My eyes but I relish these foods through the tongue of My devotee.”

I have also heard the saints saying that sometimes God sees the food offered to Him with devotion, sometimes He touches it and sometimes He also eats a part of it.

As the father of a child gets pleased if the child hands over something to him, then he is very pleased, the father lifts his hands and says to the child, and tells the child to grow big and tall. Was that thing unattainable by the father? Did the father get anything of great importance when the child gave that thing to him? No! The father is pleased, simply due to the sentiments of giving expressed by the child. Similarly, God is not lacking in anything. Nor does God desire anything. Then too God is pleased when a devotee expresses the sentiment of giving (making an offering). But those people who decorate the temples and the idols only for cheating people, who offer delicious dishes to Him to deceive, then God does not accept their offerings. Such people, don’t actually worship God, rather they are worshiping money, individuals and selfishness.

Those who call the devotees who make offerings to God, who worship and revere God as hypocrites, and themselves being filled with pride, consider that they are better, and not hypocrites, then such individuals cannot attain salvation. Those who are engaged in performing virtuous deeds in whatever way they can, they are virtuous as such, while those who renounce virtuous deeds out of pride will reap adverse fruit for their evil deeds.

From book in Hindi “Gita Darpan” pg 31 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

The message is available in HINDI titled “GITA MEIN MURTI PUJA – 3” at: http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/



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