Osho, You have said to accept ourselves–whatever we are. I am not able to accept life, knowing that I am missing something of joy inside.

Osho: When I say “ACCEPT YOURSELF,” I am not saying accept your pattern of life. Don’t try to misunderstand me! When I say “accept yourself”, I am saying REJECT EVERYTHING ELSE, EXCEPT YOURSELF. But you must have interpreted it in your own way. That’s how things go…. I have not said what you have understood.

REJECT ALL THAT HAS BEEN IMPOSED ON YOU. I’m not saying accept it. Accept your innermost core which you have brought from the beyond. And then you will not feel you are missing something.

THE MOMENT YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS, suddenly an outburst of joy happens — juices start flowing, life really become ecstatic….

THERE IS STILL TIME — get out of the imprisonment in which you have lived up to now. It only needs a little courage… just a little courage of the gambler; and there is nothing to lose, remember. You can lose only your chains, you can lose your boredom, you can lose this constant feeling inside you that something is missing. What else there is to lose? Get out of the rut and ACCEPT YOUR OWN BEING — against Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna.

ACCEPT YOURSELF. Your responsibility is not towards Buddha or Zarathustra or Kabir or Nanak. Your responsibility is only towards you. Be responsible. And when I use the word “responsibility,” please remember — don’t misinterpret it — I’m not talking about duties, responsibilities. I am simply using the word in the literal sense — RESPOND TO REALITY, be responsible!

YOU MUST HAVE LIVED AN IRRESPONSIBLE LIFE, fulfilling all kinds of responsibilities which were the expectations of others.

WHAT IS THERE TO LOSE? You are bored — this is a good situation. You are missing the juice. What more do you need to get out of the prison? Jump out of it — don’t look back!

They say: Think twice before you jump. I say: ‘JUMP FIRST AND THEN THINK AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!’

The Goose is Out

Thanks – E Mail Sharad Shah


About dhavalrajgeera

Physician who is providing free service to the needy since 1971. Rajendra M. Trivedi, M.D. who is Yoga East Medical Advisor Graduated in 1968 from B. J. Medical College, Amadavad, India. Post Graduate training in Neurological Surgery from Charles University in Czechoslovakia. 1969 - 71. and received Czechoslovakian Government Scholarship. Completed training at the Cambridge Hospital and Harvard University in Psychiatry. Rajendra M. trivedi is an Attending Psychiatrist at Baldpate Hospital. He is the Medical Director of CCA and Pain Center in Stoneham, MA where he has been serving the community since 1971 as a Physician. OTHER AFFILIATIONS: Lifer of APA - American Psychiatrist Association Senior Physician and Volunteer with Massachusetts Medical Society and a Deligate of the Middlesex District. Patron member of AAPI - American Association of PHYSICIANS OF INDIA. LIFE MEMBER OF IMANE - Indian Medical Association of New England. Member of the Board of Advisors "SAHELI, Boston,MA. Dr. Trivedi is working closely with the Perkin's School for the Blind. Dr. Trivedi is a Life member and Honorary Volunteer for the Fund Raising Contact for North America of BPA - Blind People Association of Amadavad, India. Dr.Trivedi is the Medical Advisor for Yoga East since 1993. He is a Physician who started Health Screening and Consultation At Shri Dwarkami Clinic in Billerica, MA.

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  1. Accepting yourself

    It’s all very well saying accept yourself but how do you go about accepting yourself?

    You simply tell yourself that life will throw some crap at you and other people will dislike you, simply because they have different ideas from you or are jealous of you, or are envious, or just think or an idiot. Whatever the reason is that someone dislikes you, don’t try and win their vote, move on and strengthen the relationship you have with the people you care about.

    If you concentrate on winning the votes of people you don’t like and who don’t like you, you are taking your power and energy away from the people that really matter.

  2. Subject: Because this is my birthday…OSHO

    “I was thinking what should I give to you today?
    Because this is my birthday,I was incarnated into this body on this day.
    This is the day I saw for the first time
    the green of the trees and the blue of the skies.
    This was the day I for the first time opened my eyes and
    saw God all around.
    Of course the word ‘God’ didn’t exist at that moment,
    but what I saw was God.
    I was thinking what should I give to you today?
    Then I remembered a saying of Buddha:
    the gift of truth excels all other gifts. And my truth is love.

    The word ‘truth’ looks to me a little too dry and desert-like.
    I am not in much tune with the word ‘truth’ —
    it looks too logical, it looks too ‘heady’.
    It gives you the feeling of philosophy, not of religion.
    It gives you the idea as if you have concluded —
    that you have come to a conclusion,
    that there has been a syllogism behind it,
    argumentation and logic and reasoning.
    No, ‘truth’ is not my word, ‘love’ is my word.
    Love is of the heart. Truth is partial, only your head is involved.
    In love you are involved as a totality — your body,
    your mind, your soul, all are involved.

    Love makes you a unity — and not a union, remember, but a unity.
    Because in a union those who join together remain separate.
    In a unity they dissolve, they become one, they melt into each other.
    And that moment I call the moment of truth,
    when love has given you unity.
    First, love gives you unity in your innermost core.
    Then you are no more a body, no more a mind, no more a soul.
    You are simply one — unnamed, undefined, unclassified.
    No more determinate, definable, no more comprehensible.
    A mystery, a joy, a surprise, a jubilation, a great celebration.

    First, love gives you an inner unity.
    And when the inner unity has happened the second happens on its own —
    you are not to do anything for it.
    Then you start falling in unity with the whole beyond you.
    Then the drop disappears in the ocean and the
    ocean disappears into the drop.
    That moment, that moment of orgasm between you and the whole,
    is where you become a Buddha.
    That moment is the moment Buddhahood is imparted to you.
    Or, better, revealed to you — you have always been that, unaware.

    My word is love. So I say: My beloved ones, I love you.
    and I would like you to fill the whole world with love.
    Let that be our religion.
    Not Christianity, not Hinduism, not Islam,
    not Jainism, not Buddhism, but love.
    Love without any adjective to it.
    Not Christian love — because how can love be Christian? It is so stupid.
    How can love be Hindu? It is ridiculous.
    Love is simply love. In love you can be a Christ.
    in love you can be a Buddha — but there is no Buddhist
    love and there is no Christian love.

    In love you disappear, your mind disappears.
    In love you come to an utter relaxation.
    That’s my teaching to you, I teach love.
    And there is nothing higher than love.”

    This Very Body the Buddha,
    Ch 1 “The Lions Roar”

    On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 7:37 PM, Dr. Rajendra Trivedi, M.D. wrote:

    Dear Swami Sharad Bharti


    We love to meet you when you visit Boston.

    Keep shining



    Dear Rajendrabhai;


    Osho has great contribution in my life. He is my first master (Guru). I took Sanyas with his hands on 3rd Nvember 1978. I am happy to know your interest in searching of truth. The real squench will lead a person to the real master. If you have missed Osho and still wish to meet him personally, write me.

    His Blessings;


    (Swami Sharad Bharti)

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