Glories of Chanting the Lord’s Name – 1* Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

15th January, 2011, Saturday
Paush Shukla Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2067, Shanivar

Glories of Chanting the Lord’s Name – 1

Naamsankirtanam yasya sarvapaappranaashanam |

Pranaamo dukhshamanastam namaami harirm param || (Srimad Bhagwat 12/13/23)

“I prostrate respectfully to That Supreme Essence, Shri Hari, whose Name is chanted, the destroyer of all sins and bowing to Whom all sorrows come to an end.”

In this Kaliyug, the Divine Name of the Lord it most glorious of all. The glories of chanting the Divine Name is in all four “yugs” – Satya, Treta, Dvaapar and Kali (four ages of the world). However, in Kaliyug the chanting of the Lord’s Name is main premise, the greatest support, the basic foundation. It is the Divine Name of the Lord that will easily lead one to Salvation and it is the best of all spiritual disciplines.

One, the Divine Name is “maansik” japa, one is “upaanshu” japa, one is “saadhaaran japa” and one is “sankirtan” . “Maansik” japa is that in which the Divine Name is chanted silently within the mind, where neither the throat, the tongue or the lips move. “Upaanshu” japa is that in which the mouth is closed, but with the throat and tongue the japa is taking place, and it cannot be heard by the ears. “Saadhaaran” japa is that in which the ears can hear and others can also hear. “Sankirtan” is that in which with musical notes and melody in a loud voice and tone, one chants the Divine Name. Besides the Divine Name, one may also sing about the Lord’s divine sports, His qualities, His power and majesty etc. In all of this, the chanting of the Divine Name is the easiest and best of all.

Just as in the case of Divine Name repetition that is done in the mind, the more that the mind becomes immersed in God, the better it will be, similarly, in chanting the Lord’s Name, along with the beats and tone, and the melody and musical notes, chanting in a higher pitch, the more that one becomes immersed while chanting the Lord’s Name, that much better it will be.

The mind must become engaged in God and blissful while chanting the Lord’s Name. It means that whether others are looking or not, whether others are chanting or not, whether the chanting has any affect on others – such sentiments should not remain at all in the mind. Such sentiments are a great obstacle in one’s salvation. When showmanship and worldly impression of name-fame comes into chanting the Lord’s Name, the power of the Divine Name does not have much effect.

The three impressions that exist are – impressions of people, body, and scriptures. Similarly there are three desires – money, progeny, and honor. All these lead to great downfall. Even after chanting the Divine Name, doing auspicious work, associating with holy company and Truth, giving discourses, sharing the Lord’s divine pastimes, when one blends with the filth of impressions and desires, the glories of chanting the Lord’s Name do not remain. However, Divine Name recitation, divine stories, chanting the Lord’s Name, association with Truth never goes wasted. There will definitely be benefits from it. But due to these desires and worldly impressions, one does not benefit significantly from these, rather there is very little benefit. (to be continued)

From book “Kalyaan Path” in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Titled “Sankirtan ki Mahima – 1” on Jan 14, 2011.

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