How to Raise Ideal and Devoted Children? – Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

22nd January, 2011, Saturday
Maagh Krishna Tritiya, Vikram Samvat 2067, Shanivar

How to Raise Ideal and Devoted Children? – 2

I want to say to mothers and sisters that after the completion of your menstrual cycle, when you take a bath for purification, at that time pray to the Lord that “O’ Lord! Bestow upon me children that will benefit the entire world; may they be loving devotees of the Lord.” Whatever prayers are said with a true heart, God fulfills these.

Sacche hrdey se praarthnaa jo bhakta saccha gaaya hai |

Bhaktavatsal kaan mein wah pahunch jhat hi jaaye hai ||

We have given honor and attention to outwardly things and have accepted ourselves to be small thinking that I do not have the intellect, the abilities, the knowledge, the wealth and I am also lacking in other things; but we do not pay attention that we are God’s. When we belong to God, then what value remains of the intellect? Man makes himself small with worthless sentiments. All brothers and sisters you are all “ansh” part of God only.

Mamaivaansho jeevaloke jeevabhootah sanaatanah | (Gita 15/7)

Saint Tulsidasji too has said this very same thing –

Ishvar ans jeev abinaashi | chetan amal sahaj sukhraashi ||

We are God’s and God is ours. Then pray to the Lord in this way – “O’ Lord! Bestow me with a child that will be the illuminator of the family and lineage, a child that will uplift the entire Universe, and one who will be a loving devotee of the Lord. O’ Lord! With Your grace, the child that will be born, may he be your loving devotee only.” I would like to tell the older mothers that they too should have similar sentiments, that their grand-children be born as saints and devotees of the Lord. It is proper for the older mothers to deeply respect their daughter-in-laws and daughters; and to care for them with love. Let the sentiments be one of equality, where the treatment towards one is not different and let there not be any disrespect for them. Also, do not let impurities come in their day-to-day living, eating and their conduct. Create a pure and sanctified environment.

It has been seen in history that saints and great souls have also protected, provided for and educated pregnant mothers to see to it that devotees of the Lord are born. Just as it has come in the Bhagwat –

At one time Hirayanyakashipu (demon) had gone to the forest to engage in austerities and penance. His wife, Kayadhu, was pregnant at that time. Indra was fearful that if the child of this demon is also born a demon, then the “devatas” (demi-gods) will be troubled by both the father and son; therefore why not take this pregnant lady somewhere and destroy the demon child that is to be born off her. With these sentiments, Indra captured the pregnant wife and was taking her away. On the way he met Naradji. Naradji said – `Indra! Why are you causing suffering to this frail woman?’ Indra replied, ‘she will give birth to a demon, then both the father and son will cause great havoc and suffering to the “devatas”, therefore I am taking her away to destroy only her child.’ Naradji replied – ‘do not fear, she will give birth only to a divine child who will be a great and loving devotee of the Lord.’ On hearing this from Naradji’s, Indra released Kayadhu. With Shri Naradji’s immense blessings and grace, he taught Kayadhu about devotion, knowledge and “vairaagya” freedom from worldly desires; however the main focus of attention was on the child that she was carrying, that may he become and ardent devotee of the Lord. Through Kayadhu a gem of a child, Prahlad was born. Prahladji, had been absorbing the divine tales of the Lord while in the womb, which he later shared with his class-mates in school in a very extra-ordinary manner; You can read about this in Srimad Bhagwat Chapter 6, Skanda 7. (to be continued)

From book in hindi “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Titled “Bhakt aur Aadarsh Santaan kaise ho? – 2” on Jan 21, 2011.


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