How to Raise Ideal and Devoted Children? – 4 -swamiramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

24rd January, 2011, Monday
Maagh Krishna Panchami, Vikram Samvat 2067, Somvar

How to Raise Ideal and Devoted Children? – 4

(Continued…) Meera did not have a child, but she only accepted the Lord as her beloved and attained God. In this way all mothers and sister have a feeling that God is my very own. Accept the most loving and natural of all relationships with Him. Accept God as your husband, your son, your father, whatever you desire accept Him in that manner; because is there anything else besides God? It is God alone that is in all these names and forms. Just as at the time of “vatsaharan” when Brahmaji hid all the cows etc., God revealed His divine play, His manifestation to Brahmaji.

Yaavad vatspavkaalpkabapuryaavat karaadghrayaadikam

Yaavad yashthivishaanvenudalshig yaavad vibhooshaambaram |

Yaavacchilgunaabhidhaakrtivayo yaavad vihaaraadikam

Sarvam vishnumayam girodgavdajah sarvasvaroopo babhou || (Srimad Bhaagwat 10/13/19)

“The number of children and calves that were present, and their tiny bodies, and as were their tiny hands and feet, however many sticks, horns, flutes, and leaves that were there, whatever they were wearing, their silent nature, qualities, name, form and state whatever it was, the manner in which they used to eat and drink, and move around exactly in that very same forms God manifested Himself. At that time as if this entire universe is God’s manifestation” this spoken words of Ved as if in incarnate from revealed itself.”

A wife of a Brahmin living in Janakpur – mother of Bhaktraj Paramhansa mama Prayaagdasji – used to consider Sitaji as her loving daughter and Lord Shri Ram as the son-in-law. Similarly mothers and sisters can also consider the Lord as their son-in-law and can accept the most loving of all relationships that one likes with the Lord. Even an ordinary policeman, due to being a dutiful government employee considers himself to be great, then he who takes the support of the Almighty, All pervading, the well-wisher of all, how very great he can become! The support of the world and its relationship is impermanent, false and the kind to increase his pride; however the support of the Lord and relationship is natural, innate and permanent. It is the kind that makes him appear free of pride and with divine qualities. Whether some one believes this or not, God is ours only.

All mothers and sisters at all times must do “japa” (divine name recitation) of the Lord, meditate on the form of God, remember the divine tales of the Lord. “Bharatiya” Mothers (born in India), on waking up every morning, sing the glories of the Lord (kirtan), sing the divine tales of the Lord. While grinding wheat etc, while churning butter, the children used to go and lie down in the mother’s lap. They used to listen to the Lord’s divine tales and the singing of His glories. By doing so it would have a very good affect on the child. There was a saint, a very distinguished one, whose mother used to do these things and he would cozily sit in her lap. The mother would share the glories of the Lord, which had an immense influence on him.

Therefore mothers and sisters pay attention to this point, hold on to it and abide by it. All of mankind have equal rights to the points that are shared in satsang; whoever wishes to listen, they have special rights.

Ram gadi choude padi, sab koyi khelo aaye |

Gaavaa nahin hai santdas, jeete so le jaaye ||

These talks are not difficult; because we are God’s, and God is ours, therefore we are neither small, nor unhappy, nor suffering. Those who depend on outside things are the worst of all poverty stricken –

Ko vaa daridro hi vishaaltrushna | (Shankaracharyakrut prashnotteri)

The outside kingdom is not a very big thing; because when the eyes are shut at the end of the day (in sleep) nothing remains.

Sameelane nayanayorn hi kinchidasti (Bhartuharikrt Vairaagyashatak)

Therefore have sentiments of the highest level, as God’s relationship is the only great thing and it have been evident from time immemorial. (to be continued)

From book in hindi “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Titled “Bhakt aur Aadarsh Santaan kaise ho? – 4” on Jan 23, 2011.

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