How to Raise Ideal and Devoted Children? – 5 * Swamiramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

25th January, 2011, Tuesday
Maagh Krishna Shasthi, Vikram Samvat 2067, Mangalvar

How to Raise Ideal and Devoted Children? – 5

(Continued…) When a child is born, one must definitely perform all the rites and teachings as prescribed in the four Vedas including teaching of the Vedas to that child. Also singing the glories of the Lord’s Name, listening to His divine legends and reciting His Divine Name should also be practiced. The essential naming ceremonies (at the time of giving the child a name) should take place. The child’s name should be based on the alphabet as per the astrological sign and should be associated with God; like Govindlal, Ramchandra, HariKrishna; and if it is a daughter then names should be like Ganga, Yamuna, Sharada, Saraswati, Gayatri etc.

It is a very sad things that mothers and guardians of future Bhartiya children are likely to be a bad influence on the child. Very often, they are conducting themselves very poorly and behaving entirely badly. As such the mothers and guardian do not have such a bad intention or aim, however, out of ignorance and under the influence of one’s nature, pregnant sisters and guardians are engaging in entertainment and reading fictional stories and novels and are looking at censured photos and movies. They are going to the clubs and impure places at night, eating impure food and drinks, as well. Many men-women are wearing indecent clothes and make-up and shamelessly dancing, singing, jumping and joking around. On children’s birthdays too, they celebrate according to the western ways, uselessly consuming sinful foods and entertainment.

Nowadays people have begun to have their children call them with improper words like daddy, pappa, mummy etc. Instead one should begin the use of words such as Bapuji, Mataji, Maa etc.

Mothers, sisters and brothers do not assume the children to be too young and ignorant. “he is young, he is only a few days and months old, he is not knowing” etc. – By understanding the child to be too young, do not do any sort of improper actions or gestures in front of the child. As such all our lives, at all times we must behave and conduct ourselves in a pure manner, even more in front of children. Essentially, one should be very pure and must conduct one’s self in a divine, dignified manner. Therefore let your conduct be exemplary, let there never be that sentiment within the children that what is this male and female? As children, we used to ask each other, where have you come from? At that time we used to say – “we have been showered from Ramji” There was so much purity within, such pure sentiments. A small child may not understand everything, however surely hidden and subtle impressions will form in him with utmost certainty.

Male-Females should want that they love the child, and even in playing and coaxing do not tell a lie. Always tell the truth, but do so lovingly. I have heard a story. There was a child of the “vaishya” class, who one day went to his father’s shop. His father was counting the money for the day (from the cash register). The child sneeked in and took five rupees bill and hid it. The tally was five rupees short. The father thought, no one has come from outside to this cash register, what could have happened? He asked the child whether he had the money? The son said “Bucchi took it away.” The child was scolded at which time he said, why are you scolding me? You had brought two mangoes the other day, and when I saw them, I took one mango away. And when I asked for the second mango, then Mataji lifted her hands and said “Bucchi took away the mango” and she hid the mango in her lap. At that very same time the milk began to boil and overflow, and so she quickly got up and the mango fell from her lap on me. This talk about Bucchi was false and it came in front of me. This incident had an influence on me that similarly Bucchi also takes away money.

Therefore from this incident one must learn that considering the child to be too young, not knowing, or without understanding, do not lie to him. Let no impure impressions fall on himm. Let there never be any bad words heard from your mouth. Children are your real inheritance, your future world. They are the support that will uphold the Country. Whatever you say in front of children or you don’t say, its impressions will irrevocably fall on them. Just as a potter whatever shape he molds the clay into, it becomes that shape, but once the pot is heated in a kiln, thereafter the shape cannot be changed. This example is for the child in the womb. For the smaller children the example is one of new pot, in which you fill water for the first time and write something on it with a coal chalk, then that which is written will get imprinted there for ever.

Yannave bhaajane lagnah sanskaro naanyathaa bhavet |
(to be continued)

From book in hindi “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Titled “Bhakt aur Aadarsh Santaan kaise ho? – 5” on Jan 24, 2011.


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