On Raising Ideal and Devoted Children? – 7* Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

27th January, 2011, Thursday
Maagh Krishna Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2067, Guruvar

On Raising Ideal and Devoted Children? – 7


Before using any new thing, take the permission of the Lord; offer it to the Lord and use it considering it to be a propitiatory offering. Use pure foods, money that is pure (not earned by inappropriate means), pure utensils for the Lord. Pure foods prepared with much purity, specifically for the Lord, while remembering the Lord and are offered to Him as a sacrifice, and while partaking in that food, with every morsel of food placed in the mouth, one must remember the Lord and consider the food to be a gift from the Lord. By doing so, the person eating will not be accused of the sins associated with the food. It has also been said –

Kawale kavale kurvan ramnaamaanukirtanam |

Yeh kashrict purushoshrnaati sonndosharn lipyate ||

When the food is pure, the mind becomes pure. When one gains victory over the relish of the tongue, then all senses come under one’s control.

Taavjjtendriyo na syaad vijetaanyendriyah pumaan |

Na jayed rasanam yaavajjitam sarvam jite rase || (Srimad. Bhagavat 11/8/21)

“Even after man gains mastery over all sense organs, he cannot be entirely victorious, until he gains control over the relish of the tongue. And when he gains mastery over the relish of tongue, then understand that all senses are under his control.”

While doing all work, continue to take the Name of the Lord. Let no time pass by empty. Those who say, when should we do “bhajan” (worship/remembrance) of God? Besides work-business, the time that is being wasted away, in that much time, if with great alertness and caution one engages in “Bhajan” (worship and remembrance), then lot of “Bhajan” is possible. And if the work / business is not understood to be our own work etc., and accepted as being God’s work, then naturally, at all times “bhajan,” will be taking place. Therefore, however, and which ever way God must be remembered – “Tasmaat kenaapyupaayen manah Krishne niveshyet.” God Himself says – “Maamanusmara” (Gita 8/7)

Even saints have said something so very beautiful –

Haath kaam mukh Ram hai, hirday saanchi preet |

Jan dariyaa grh saadhu ki, Aap hi uttam reet ||

Hal haanke Hari ko bhaje, shraddha maafix de

Itane mein Hari na mile, mujaraa ham se le ||

Uddham kar udar bhare, mukh soon jape naam |

Aisa mouka na mile, to karodo kharche dam ||

One day there was a gentleman who asked in private – Maharajji! It comes to my mind that can I call God by the name “Maa” (mother)? I find mother to be very sweet” I said – “Most definitely you can; not only that, play in her lap. ” Shri Shankracharyaji, who is honored by the entire world said –

Maayaa hasterpayitvaa bharankrtikrte mohamoolodbhvam maam |

Maatah krishnaamidhaane chirasamayamudaseenbhaavam gataasi ||

Karunaikaadhivaase sakrdapi vandanam nekshse tvam madeeyam |

Tatsrvagye na krtum prabhavati bhavati kin nu moolasya shaantim ||


O’ the mother of the one named Krishna! You created me and placed me in the hands of your illusory powers in this attractive planet earth, to raise, provide and care of me. Now you have become distant from me for many days on end. O’ compassionate Maa! Not once even do you look at my face! O’ All pervading One! Are you not able to bestow peace at the very root (core) from this worldly attachment?

Simply today accept God as your mother. You have found a real and permanent mother; all errors / mistakes are erased forever. Engage in Bhajan (worship, adoration, remembrance) of the Lord, call out to the Lord as Maa (mother). You can say anything whatsoever to the Maa. It has come in the Bhaagwat –

Akaamah sarvakaamo vaa mokshakaam udaaraadhih |

Teevrena bhaktiyogena yajet purusham param || (2/3/10)

“Whether you are free of desires or immersed entirely in desires, or you have desire for liberation, a wise man, through “Bhaktiyog” should with great intensity engage in worship and adoration of the one and only Lord.

(to be continued)

From book in hindi “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Titled “Bhakt aur Aadarsh Santaan kaise ho? – 7” on Jan 26, 2011.
HINDI : http://www.swamiramsukhdasji.org
ENGLISH: http://www.swamiramsukhdasji.net

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