How to Get Rid of the Restlessness of the Mind?


||  Shree Hari   ||

How to Get Rid of the Restlessness 

of the Mind?

(Mana ki Khatpat Kaise Mite?)

 23rd December, 2012, Sunday

Maargshirsh Shukla Ekadashi,  Vikram Samvat 2069, Ravivaar


When the disturbances arise, when pleasant or unpleasant takes place, then you get carried away in them.  Later when you realize that you blended with the situation, then you worry that oh dear!  I  became entangled.   Then the time that you were entangled, at that time too you do not ever leave, and the time that you are not in that situation, at that time too you do not stop worrying.  This is the main flaw.  At both times you hold on to it.    In reality, you are liberated from that on your own.    The circumstance, the objects, they are liberating you, but you are holding on to them,  that you are disturbed, the restlessness does not leave you.  In this way, the time that there is no disturbance, at that time too you continue to keep holding on to the disturbances.  When the disturbance comes, then by having likes and dislikes you get trapped, and when it doesn’t come,  then worrying about it, you get trapped in it.   Then do not do so.  By doing so, why are you getting tricked in it?

God is driving Arjuna’s chariot, he listens to the Lord’s commands, then too the Lord reprimanded Arjuna.   –

Klebyam maa sma gamah paartha naitattvayupapadhyete

Shudram hredayadourbalyam tyaktvottishtha parantapa ||   (Gita 2/3)

“Oh Paartha (Son of Prthaa i.e. Kunti), yield not to cowardice.  It does not befit you.  Cast off this petty faint-heartedness and wake up.  O vanquisher of foes. ”  (Gita 2/3)

Arjuna was worrying that all of them will die, then sins will spread in the dynasty.   When sins spread then the age old “varna” traditions and family customs will be destroyed because of intermixture, the manes of their family will be deprived of the ritual offerings of rice-balls and water.  Therefore grave sin will accrue from killing them.   God said, why are you creating a ruckus  from the beginning?  Nothing has happened so far, then why are you unnecessarily worrying?  You are worrying about that which has happened or you are worrying about that which has not happened, then uselessly why are you grabbing hold of a flying arrow and taking it upon yourself!  You have put forth the associated problems before you for that which is not there now.  Then if the restlessness comes, you get trapped and if it goes then in that too you remain trapped.  The agitation goes away, it does not remain, but you continue to hold on to it and cry.  Why do you hold on to it?  It has gone away, so rejoice, be joyful, that now it is gone.

The restlessness and agitation has no power to stay.   Someone’s newly married young son dies, then due to attachment and attraction for him,  the heart is deeply hurt.  But the hurt that is felt when he dies, that much hurt is not experienced in the second and third day.  But profusely crying and continuing to remember him, you hold on to him.  You remember and  then cry. In this manner you cultivate it.  Then too one day that hurtful feeling veritably dies. Worries and grief come to an end.  You cannot keep them.  Does anyone have the strength to keep it?    After some years that worry – grief completely die.   You have put  your very best efforts in holding on to it, you cried a lot,  you told many that he was like this, now he is gone.  Even though you cultivated that grief ,  then too, verily it dies.    Even on trying very hard, then too it does not remain.  Therefore become indifferent towards it.  If it dies, then the work is complete.  Now what to worry, and why to cry?   Then at that very moment there will be peace.  But even if you cultivate it, then too it will not remain.  If what I am saying is false, then tell me?   That which was going to perish, has perished.  The work is now complete.  Do not blend with the things that are going to perish.  What a simple, straight-forward point this is.   According to me,  all those that are sitting here, among them, none are weak,  that he cannot listen to this point.   If you consider your self weak, then what can I do?   That much you know, that I do not cheat,  I do not betray your trust.   Then why do you lack faith in what I am saying?   If you think I am cheating in anyway, then tell me.   If there is any harm being done then tell me.   You too believe that by believing and acknowledging, there is gains, and so do I.

Either try to understand it by your self or admit what others are saying –  of these two, do any one.  There is no need for a sharp intellect.   The sharpness can be of aid,  but the extent to which the purity (single-pointedness,  exclusive aim, determination) is helpful, the sharpness of the intellect is not of use.   Whether the intellect has inertness or sharpness, it makes no difference.  But Let me understand this subject, let my aim only be towards it.

In reality, there is no agitation and restlessness in us  – this is the quintessence.

Narayan  !  Narayan   !!  Narayan   !!!


Date : 20th December, 2012    (Mana ki Khatpat Kaise Mite?)

From book “Jeevan ka Satya”  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram



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