(Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?

29th December, 2012, Saturday

Paush Krishna Pratipada,  Vikram Samvat 2069, Shanivaar

If this “jeev”  is attached, or has fondness or passionate feelings for any thing or place,  then after death whatever form of birth he gets, he will have to return to that place.   Birds, animals, sparrows, mice etc.   they go to the same house  in which there was attraction and attachment in the previous birth.

Kaaranam gunasangosya sadasadhyonijanmasu |   (Gita 13/21)

Attachment, fondness, passionate feelings and association with  the modes becomes the cause of its birth, in good and evil bodies.  Those who have fondness for inert things, they will have to return to this world.   Those that are not infatuated and attached to inert things and have love and devotion for God, they attain God.   It is so remarkable that those who even at the very last moment remember God, they will surely, without any doubt attain God.   Even if it is on the very last breath, then too one attains salvation –

Antakaale cha maameva smaran muktwaa kalevaram |

Yah prayaati sa madbhaavam yaati naastyatra sanshayah || (Gita 8/5)

 He who departing from the body thinks of Me alone even at the time of death, attains Me, there is no doubt about it. (Gita 8/5)

Even at the last moment, “jeev” can realize God, because “jeev” has a very close relationship with God due to being an “ansh”  (element, part, portion) of God.  Therefore the moment that “jeev” turns (becomes inclined) towards God, he attains God.  There is no doubt in this.  Then why does the “jeev” return?  In this the main reason is that by having the feeling of mine-ness (apnaapan) with the worldly things,  “jeev” becomes powerless and has to return here.    This “jeev’s” mind gravitates and gets attracted towards this world, then God gives the jeev the same kind of opportunity that it desires,  i.e. gives jeev a birth.   Therefore it is best that even while living here, the jeev remains detached.   By having a sense of mine-ness and attachment,  one is not to be trapped.

Jeev must acknowledge that this world belongs to the Lord,  it is the Lord’s family,  it is the Lord’s money,  it is the Lord’s house.   We are only doing the Lord’s work.  Live like the book-keeper.  Do not become the master (owner).   Whatever work you do, have the feeling that O’ Lord,  I am doing Your work.  What is ours over here?  The family is Yours, the house is Yours, the money is Yours,  the land is Yours.   This is the absolute truth,  because when we were born,  we have come nude, without anything.   Not even a piece of thread was in our possession,  and when death comes, then this dead body will also remain right here.  Even the dead body we will not be able to take with us, then can we take the wealth-possession, grandeur-family with us?

We did not bring with us, we cannot take with us and while living here too, we cannot make all of these according to our mind and wishes. It is your direct and evident experience that your son and daughter do not obey you, your wife does not listen to you, your family members do not listen to you.  Then it is proven that you cannot make these thing according to your wishes, and you cannot keep them as long as you wish.  To change their nature or their color, is not up to you.   Then too you keep saying – “my things”.  How are they “Mine”, tell me?   Therefore what you will have to acknowledge is that all these are not mine, they have been given by God, and they belong to God.    (to be continued)



Date : 27th December, 2012    (Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?)


From “Satsang ki Vilakshantaa” in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram


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